Not really, despite what you may have heard.

Although there are fake foods on the market, I doubt it would be worthwhile or profitable to make artificial seamoss when it’s so inexpensive. The main ideology about so-called fake seamoss is in regards to its physical appearance and texture, and from my understanding was perpetuated by the late Dr. Sebi, may he rest in peace. We must bear in mind that just like the same type of fruit will taste different depending upon the region it’s grown in, it’s the same here. Depending upon where it’s harvested, seamoss can be different colors and textures.

And many vendors coat it in salt to preserve it as it travels far distances.

Please use your intuition. And share this information with others who may not know, as there are wonderful varieties of seamoss and each has its own special properties. For example, the purple seasmoss is much thicker when soaked in water and therefore goes a lot further pound for pound than the common yellow varieties.

The earth is mostly water, and seamoss grows in many places.